America, Italy, South Korea

Woah, my latest piece is more time consuming than others. It will require a couple of shots of coffee. I apologize for the delay.

While we wait for the coffee to be brewed, allow me to introduce my team. They make what I do, and I am ever grateful for their effort.


The main contributors of my work. Fabriano Aquarello watercolor block, hot pressed, 5×7. Mont Blanc fountain pen with Mystery Black ink.

20141024(3)Driving forces in studio. Faber Castell Fine-tip pen. Glass-mate grease pencil. 

20141024(1)White cotton gloves to keep me and my work safe. I’ve had to deal with enough smudges to last me a lifetime.

20141024(2)¬†Part-time workers. 6-yr old eraser (old enough to enter kindergarten), mint, pen nib box, and Japanese brush pen. They’re good company, but won’t miss them otherwise.

Stay tuned as my team members work hard to create another caffeinated drawing!