A quick break: The outcome

South Korea

Here is what I’ve done in studio. I’ve added blocks of black, patterns and shading. This, too, is quite up to chance. Sometimes, my decision to make something black will be ingenious. Other times, it will simply be a disaster.



The main thing is that I try, I fail, and I learn. I’m still learning and it feels great. Now, the break is over and my coffee is cold. Off to another cafe…

Thanks for taking a break with me!


A quick break: my process

South Korea

I’ve taken the liberty to show you how I work. I never sketch with pencil, I just trust that my pen will work its magic… it helps if I’m caffeinated.



But don’t get me wrong: I always have a good idea of the outcome. I ‘sketch out’ the composition in my head before I start drawing. I even mark it on the air with my fingers.



I think this liberates my line from ‘following directions from pencil lines.’ Of course, sometimes the drawing is a complete surprise, but that’s the beauty of urban sketching.20140617_154146_Android


People come in and out of the scene, but that’s welcomed! I will include them as they come, and continue drawing even if they leave. The key is to observe them closely and as quickly as possible. These are not your models… they are the passage of time that you’re trying to capture.20140617_155837_Android





This is as far as I’ll go on site. Now, I take the work back to my studio and touch it up: add black, shadows and patterns. The completed work will be uploaded on Friday. Stay tuned!